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Originally Posted by dcramer View Post
so what do people think about the heat cycling service you can get for new R-rated tires?

I'm thinking that when lapping we can bring the tires up to temp gradually whereas racers need them ready to go first lap?

Although rudimentary, what I'm about to suggest works and is cheap to do. I've gone through a few sets of toyo RA1's from new and I drove them on the highway for about 5000km before ever taking them to the track. Everytime you go out for 20 mins continuously or more on the highway the tires get sufficient heat in them, then they went on to last me 4 years of lapping/de events. Admittedly I did run them to the cords, or way longer than most but as long as I got sufficient grip, in other words more grip than a top notch summer tire I continued to run them. Awesome tire. Toyo definitely pedaled backwards with the R888.....

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