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Here's more V1 info

The V1 can be seen at

It's $400 US for the detector itself and another $50 for the remote display. The $400 includes the detector, visor mount, suction cups, cigarette lighter adapter, and hardwire kit.

They're available on eBay sometimes, too, for about the same price, and I'm sure eBay people will ship to Canada

Also, the V1 is VG-2-immune, which means the detector detectors can't detect it, heh heh heh.

BTW, the V1 is updated every couple of years. For like $150 or so, you can send in your V1 and have it updated. The newest update came out a few months ago, I hear. Most of the EBay V1s are previous-gen. Mine's a previous-gen and is awesome.

The update usually consists of making some detections more sensitive and making the thing a little smarter. No big groundbreaking stuff going on here.

Hope this helps.

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