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Originally Posted by e36_freak View Post
didn't they have an e34 M5 back when the E36 was around?
Not really. The E36 started in 92 and that's when the E34 M5 stopped production for the NA market (well technically there are 93's but I think they're all 92 build date). There was an M5 in Europe for 2 more years but after 95 and through 99 there was no M5 and that's when the 4 door M3 was introduced right? Which makes sense to me.

But this I don't get. As Hound pointed out I'm also sure it's not going to be all that far off from the price of an M5 and it's not going to be faster. It's like the bastard middle child - it's not as light and nimble as a 2 door M3 and it's not as outright fast and roomy as an M5.
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