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Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
Throttle linkage is another thing I have to take into consideration, I'm likely going to have to build an adjustable linkage so that I can set it to work with the stock pedal travel.

My measurements are all relative to the booster. As you can see in the picture with the 24 degree angle the booster is a few inches lower than the valve cover, where in reality it probably sits slightly above the valve cover in the car. So if I rotate the model a bit it gives a better picture of what it'd look like in the car...

I think it should be ok, I'll find out when I mock it up. Also, if I go with the angled velocity stacks I'll be able to rotate them to gain clearance if I need it.
Ah looks better in that display. I feel that initial picture of how your holding it at the ~24degrees is screwing with me.

Also I was wondering about the TPS. are you going to adapt it to the end of the set like how it already is here?

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