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One observation that I had was that the outlet of the throttle body is actually roughly the same size as the cross section of the intake runner...

Unfortunately it's in the wrong orientation and off centre of the throttle body axis. It creates this situation in the transition...

I can blend the transitions so that going into the engine the air flow won't hit any steps, however any reversion will encounter a fairly big step at the exit of he throttle body. I'm not sure if this will have a positive or negative effect. It would be possible to bore out the throttle body so that it's round however I'm going to leave them be for now.

That pretty much brings me to where I am right now. I've ordered the silicone reducers as well as the aluminum tubing so it'll likely be a couple weeks before I'll have anything to update. However in the mean time I'm going to investigate potential methods of coupling both sets of throttle bodies and I'll work on making the spacers needed to space the throttle bodies as well as modifying the throttle syncing tabs to compensate for the spacing. One other consideration that I'm mashing around in my brain right now is making custom velocity stacks. I'm thinking of bringing them out at an angle towards the front of the car like this...

The reasoning is that it will allow me to have longer velocity stacks as well as afford me more space for air filters. However that will be on the back burner until I receive a set of velocity stacks (which are in the mail somewhere right now).

As always comments and questions are welcome.
Thanks for reading
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