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just a few E30 inquiries.

Hey folks.

My ignition leads are toast...and i'm starting to have a sure feeling that is the cause of my terrible nasty v12 on cotten ball motor mount vibration.

these plugs dont even sit over the spark plugs, i am asking are there any other alternatives then OEM? if i am going to change it, i am going to do it "better" than stock, if that is possible.


motor swaps.
i listed my car for 5k$ the other day to get a feel....and i had a lot of interest. i even had someone email me and say they want the car shipped to them in virginia!!! do you guys think swapping motors would depreciate the value of an e30? or would keeping an m20 in make the car hold what ever value it has.

i would presume the motor swap done by a professional rather than myself would help....and i also have a crazy thought that even if done correctly, the swap performed by i and i would make an e30 sell for less.

after the autocross on sunday, i was suprised that i even considered selling my i want to keep it for a little longer now!
m52 is the plan! but if all fails m50 it is...


R.I.P. E30
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