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Hey guys sorry it took so long. Working on the car last week put me behind and I just didn't get a chance to come on here.

The main thing here when you use a 323 as your base you switch the intake manifolds around. So the 323 goes on the 330, and that's the main part other then that its a straight swap. Only hard part i ran into was the SAC(Self adjusting clutch) as I had never dealt with one before. But with the right tools its easy to swap it around. All of the sensors are the same everything plugs right back into place. If you do that right you shouldn't have any check engine lights either. Only problem I ran into now is vacuum leaks. That is due to the brittle plastic lines that they use. I was swapping the motor at 2 in the morning so I didn't have access to the nearest parts place to replace them all. Over all though its well worth the swap as its quite easy. I guess i should right a better DIY for the DIY section but that will come in time! Anymore questions feel free to ask!

Anyways here is a bunch of crappy the time I wasn't to worried about taking them more at getting my car back on the road!

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