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Originally Posted by Boss17 View Post
I was told they have 30 days. 6 months seems too excessive for a time period to issue a ticket.
i was out drivng one time, i was at a dealership and was going to pull out on the road. there was car on a stand, and oneparked beside the stand. i couldnt see past cuz they were right at the side of the road (no side walk). i go to pull out and almst get t-boned. i slam on the brakes, and the guy in the other car waves me to go ahead, so i do. later that night, an officer shows up at my house and asked if i was in the area the incedent took place, said yes. cop says that the guy i wasalmost hit by got my plates, said i gave him the finger and a dirty look to him... total BS....cop says that im to mind how i pull out of parking lots, and not to give obscene gestures to other motorists, and if he even hears about me doing anything wrong in te future, he has 6 months to issue the ticket.

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