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Controlling my IPOD (video)

hey guys, is there anything available that lets you hook up and Ipod to your deck (mine's a sony) AND LETS YOU CONTROL THE IPOD USING THE DEFAULT IPOD INTERFACE?

i tried a denison ice link, and it's CRAP, you have to control the ipod through your deck, and the graphics on the ipod screen are crap ("blocky" text, no graphics, very plan and boring) not to mention it's really laggy when you use the menus and stuff.

i have a fancy ipod video and i'd like to be able to mount it on my dash, and watch music videos, and scroll through the menus, albums, tracks, etc using the default ipod software (the touch wheel), while having the audio play through my car system.

i can't believe there isnt anything readily available that does this.

any ideas?

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