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I'm not sure where you live but here in NZ we can get a decent aftermarket ECU for around $1000 kiwi dollars = $700 ish USD. This will replace the AFM with a MAP sensor (you'll need a 2 bar map sensor for boost) MAP is manifold air pressure which is measured by a small rubber device that gets depressed in. The AFM in your car is the flap type device, you can replace it with different kinds of AFMs like a heated wire, this one is much less restrictive. You will however need to modify the signal for your motronic/l-jet ecu to understand it.

The BOV is for when you let your foot off the gas, since the turbo is blowing out a bunch of air and the throttle body is closed it would mean the turbo would stop/slow down very quickly which is not very helpful. The BOV opens and vents the boost to atmosphere and allows the turbo to keep spinning.

If you want to learn more about turbos and how they work get Maximum Boost as people have suggested, a turbo needs to be matched to the motor in terms of exhaust gas, intake flows etc.

Good luck.
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