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*** MidnightCruise 2010 Part 2 (MC10.2): Friday August 27th (GTA) ***

Date: Friday August 27th, 2010
Time: 10pm meet start - cruise starts AFTER midnight
Meeting Place: La Paloma, Woodbridge
Directions: See Friday night meet thread here.

The first event was a blast and I'm happy to be hosting another version for you all. We are again meeting at La Paloma in Woodbridge and then heading out...of course, as is tradition, there is NO discussion of where we are going online. Just know that the roads will be fun and traffic-free. Half tank is plenty; FRS radios are useful (do not discuss channels here, I will announce the channel during the briefing). We'll probably wrap up around 3am or so, but no promises.

See you there.
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