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Also what are u gonna do with the car? like just street or street and track time... bimmers arent straight line cars.. there ment to handle.. and the supercharger delivers the power and no lag... also its a bit more reliable and u got less to worry about the small things that can go wrong....

I personaly love the aa kit... its fun and its tamed// IMO... also make sure u re-enforce the subframe,.. and i think you should do other mods before FI... like suspension and brakes... atleast to m3 brakes.. good pads.. fluids, ss lines and remmeber u need atleast a stage II clutch kit from bimmerworld... i think the LTW fw with the m5 clutch.. it should hold that power well.. also the pump, also good suspension components are key.. like stiffer sway bars, a nice lsd if its FI i would go with 2.91 lsd... cuz the 3.23 is really bad on highways... the m52 is a good motor to boost... also a thicker head gasket and arp studs are good
Remember its not just the speed.. u need a way to control the car and slow it down..
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