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It's really not that bad to run a eta block with a 325i cyl head.

I'm running a diesel crank with eta rods and pistons, with a 325i head with welded coolant channels. It was built to be a turbo motor, I'll be installing my setup for next year. For now I'm running it N/A on megasquirt and it actually surprised me. It's quicker than a stock 325i as per my buddy that ran a stock 325i for a couple years. I'll be taking it to the track this weekend just to see what it can do. Maybe even get a dyno pull in. It's light years ahead of how my eta was stock, would run circles around it.

I had my head resufaced just slightly after getting my coolant channels welded.

From what I've read people had it wrong thinking a eta bottom end with 325i cyl head would net a comp ratio of about 7.8:1, it's more like 8.4:1 and if you take off 10 thou off the head it's close enough to the 325i comp ratio of 8.8:1.

I expected my car to be slow as shit running it N/A I built the motor to be a turbo motor from the get go but it's actually pretty fun to drive like this.

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