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e and i combination

I just bought a 87 325i (won't start) and it came with an extra 325e engine and transmission. What I want to do is combine these two engines and put it in my 86 325es. I did alot of seaching from the net and forums, e block with i head is the way to do. So now I'm going to do these:

e bottom end with i pistons
i head
shave block 2mm
i ecu
i afm
oil cooler from the 325i

The question I wanted to ask is do I have to use the i harness or I can just stay with the e's harness and just plug in the i ecu?

Also, anyone can recommend a good machine shop in GTA?

It sounds like a easy job but I think there should be alot of little things will happen....the wires, sensors...... hope can finish it before the winter then I can start the body work in the winter time.
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