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Originally Posted by rost12 View Post
Mmm... threesomes... I've never had one

Something about your posts attracts all sorts of fools. Let's see, driving cool cars, knowing/banging/having threesomes with (damn you) with fine women... Nope, don't see any reason for them to be jealous
Come on, I don't believe that for a second. You're A. In London all by yourself in a huge mansion with the fridge stocked full of the finest vodka, and B. Laying in bed with at least 6 beautiful british and russian Blondes after a crazy night of adventures + crazy european sex. A succesful Threesome = Two women and yourself.... Ofcourse you've never had one, you keep bringing home at least 4+ beautiful women = at least two beautiful women on each arm = orgy.

Ahhh I can only dream of your life now after commiting to one beautiful woman (Although she does surpass all my crazy experiences). So I guess its all relative.

You're a fine example of a gentleman who simply kisses but does not tell, kinda like a Russian James Bond! When is your new Aston Martin coming?

Originally Posted by magnus View Post
Its so nice to see a fellow lesbian just like me in here!

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