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My thoughts on a 325


i havent driven my 325i since august, or an e30 for that matter.

last night im chillin and see this e30 come out of now where doing donuts and shit and im like YEEEEEEEEEEE

then im like wait a second i know this ****er!
so he comes aparks etc. i look at the model its just 325 (thats the 327 i believe)

but yes he kept telling me its 2.5 im like nahhh its 2.7 believe me lol

so i took it for a spin and i say DAMN i miss e30

but im like its only a super eta or im like iokay lets see what it got
i punch it in first and then i say.......this car needs an i head.

in conslusion
2.7 feels like a 4 cylinder. so now i have fully considered doing a 327i come summer time. that should be interesting
R.I.P. E30
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