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Originally Posted by slemmer View Post
Pretty easy. The moldings fit by friction. You'll need to coax the molding off the bottom door's edge. I used a flat screwdriver to get at the top of the molding and a hammer to gently nudge the molding off the panel. To reinstall just line up one corner of the molding and wack it back on with your hand or soft mallet.

I was totally blown away at how much moisture is trapped within the molding. Now I know why the edges would rust out faster since there's no where for the water to drain. I think a better way to reduce the moisture problem is to drill numerous holes along the bottom of the moldings to allow for any moisture to drain away. It won't show since it'll be at the bottom of the door and will be hidden when the door is closed anyways. (I just talked myself into another Spring/Summer project!)

I have a feeling im going to join you on this project. I have rustophobia...terrible thing i tell ya ...

Thanks for the instructions. Going to check that asap.

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