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Looking to buy a 5 series, look here

E34: 1989 to 1995

Pre-Facelift 1989-1993
- 1989 -1991 came with US Spec projector headlights
- 1993 gets updated mirror style

Facelift 1994 - 1995
- All years came with US spec projector headlights
- Wider grill, M5 Side skirts
- Available models: 525i (2.5L M50), 530i (4.0L M60), 540i (4.0L M60)
- Interior door panels updated

Special Models
M5 - 1989-1992?
M540 - 1995 - This was a special edition that came to Canada instead of the M5, look for the plaque that will state which number out of 132 cars came.

Available options to look for
- Drop Down seats

Things to look for
- Rust at the bottom of the doors
- Thrust arms rattle, causing vibrations at 55mph (88km/h)
- M60 motors suffer from nikalsil problems, lower quality gas ate away at the sleeves of the cylinders, the engine should go for a compression check before purchasing.
- M60 - power steering leaks, driver's side motor mounts, valley pan gasket (mysterious coolant leaks), timing cover gaskets, valve cover gaskets, rear main seal
- M60 Oil pump bolts/mounting nuts notoriously rattle loose and end up in laying in the pan.

E39: 1996 to 2003

Pre-Facelift 1996 - 2000
- Available models: 528i (2.8L M52), 540i (4.4L M62)

Facelift 2001 - 2003
- Available Models: 525i (2.5L M54), 530i (3.0L M54), 540i (4.4L M62)
- Updated headlights/taillights
- Updated steering wheel

Special Models:
- M5 (Headliner was upgraded from black felt to alacantera for the facelift as well as updated cluster steering and steering wheel.)

Things to look for:
- M62 motor mounts tend to leak and get soft, this causes the rad neck to crack and eventually break off.
- LCD pixels in the lower display in the cluster almost always go, this is a very common occurance in E39's.

E60: 2004 to current

F10: Future

Feel free to add to this list, I will add them as you guys go along.

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