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Guys , i ll open up a secret for you if the 540 and 530 will have same wheels and tires , 530 will have a much better handling since it is lighter... but try some 245s in the front and 255 or 275 at the back and 540 will rip the 530 in handling all the way back to germany..... i had 245s in the front and 255s at the back on my 540 on my original 17 inch rims ,, it handled like a go kart, i couldn believe that this massive 4 door sedan could do in turns... but then came the time when i had to change my tires and didnt have much money so i bought 4 original size ( 235s )... the difference was day and night.... its like i drove a different car after that....
Also M5 suspension is the same in every way as a 540i ... the only diffrence is they have slightly harder shocks and springs which also makes the ride alittle bit lower and of course the huge tires that makes a huge difference in handling, everything else is the same as a 540....
- hope this helps
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