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Heard a knock sound today :/

On my way home from work, I heard a fairly loud "knock" sound while accelerating on a green light. I'm turned off the radio right away but couldn't hear anything else strange. I promptly pull over and see the yellow oil lamp turn on and the oil level bar with a "1.0" beside it. I whip out the driving manual and figured out it means the oil level is low. With none being kept just in case (stupid me) I turn back on the engine (stupid me again?) and everything seemed fine. I'm like not even 30 seconds from a gas station so I drive there, buy a small bottle and fill her up. Drove the rest of the way home (maybe 5 mins max) and everything seemed fine.

Thing is, my scheduled oil change at the dealership isn't for 3 more months, I don't have a long commute everyday, and don't see any oil on the driveway. Just wondering how serious of an issue this can be, I'm pretty shook right now lol.

It's a 2007 X3. I bought it as a Certified Pre-owned vehicle 18 months ago. If it ends up being a big problem, you guys think the this is something that would be covered by warranty? The new car warranty is over, but their site says "BMW covers you for up to 6 years or 160,000 kilometres, whichever comes first." Neither of them have past yet. I see a bunch of engine parts that are covered and aren't but I don't know one from another On the phone with them right now but been on hold for a while!
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