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Strange misfiring

My 323ci started misfiring last night. Ive always had the engine light on since i bought the car a few months ago but now it runs rough:
P1188- fuel control bank 1 sensor 1
P1189- fuel control bank 2 sensor 1
P1477- leakage diagnostic pump reed switch did not open
P1421- secondary air system bank 2
P1423- secondary air system bank 1
P1250- DTC Definition is not available
P0300- random misfire
P0301- misfire cyl 1
P0302- misfire cyl 2
P0303- misfire cyl 3

I cleared the codes, the only ones that come back are the misfire codes and the p1188, p1189.
While im driving with the scanner connected, the car will stop misfiring when i clear the codes. And it will misfire again after 2-3 minutes and the codes come back. Ive tried this many times so i can stop it misfiring by erasing. Any one know what this can be? Its very strange
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