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Originally Posted by pawcio View Post
that is a long post. i will comment on 3 of your questions because that's all i can remember at the time.

1/2. abs/asc/dsc - removing the abs system will affect the tcs and vice-versa because they share certain components.

2. warming up - i don't know about the oil pump not functioning well, but regardless the best way to warm up a car is to drive it, but not spirited at first. leaving it idle when warming up is not good for the engine and cat. but when the engine is warmed up to its normal running temp. leaving it in idle is probably not bad.
i decided to find a relevant article since some ppl are for warming a car at idle:
I appreciate that you read the whole post, come back again and read paragraph at a time next time, lol.

Ok, so I would be sacrificing ASC if I wanted to remove the abs system. Say I didnt want to remove it, but just disable it? what is DSC, I think it stands for Dynamic Stability control but what does that mean, lol. So if I want to disable all of the driving aids, how would I go about doing this?

I understand you should let the car warm up before you beat on it. My main concern is this lubrication issue I have heard of due to the oil pump not functioning at its potentiol when idling in the cold. No offense to you, that article makes sense in theory, but in reality its really a load of bull that would barely effect your car. Moisture build up in your exhaust due to idling will cause your exhaust sytsem to rust faster? no shit. Parking your car in an atmosphere that contains oxygen would too. In theroy, a lot of BS can make sense.

I appreciate you are the first one to actually address one of my issues in my post. Thanks again,

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