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Originally Posted by slemmer View Post
sell your e46 and you won't have to worry about making all those noted changes.
nah, I'm actually eager to see if I can have some fun with in on the track next summer for when my corolla is broken down (which I do quite often, lol). I think the greatest obstacle to achieve that goal would be reducing weight. should be fun from there on out.

please don't take my post the wrong way, by no means am I insulting the E46 as a bad car, I just don't consider it a sports car. In turns of an awesome luxurious and beautiful car, I think its great.

Some people want a leathered, tinted, slammed car. I prefer no ac, no backseat, no power steering and suspension so stiff it will do my back some damage. To each their own.

Hope you didn't take it the wrong way,

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