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My experience with passing my turbo e36 has been like this:

STEP1) Get a Highflow cat (install it with vband flanges if you plan to remove it for "offroad use only") and tune your car to legit pass (this isn't hard, whether you have a chip tune or a standalone, there's no reason your car shouldn't be running closed loop stoich at these test points, if your car is running shitty just fix it now).

STEP2) Go into the e-test and pretend like you have no idea there is a single engine mod on the car (pretend your an old lady coming in with her toyota corolla). The tech won't ask any questions and he'll just run it, since you have a cat and a good running engine/tune, you'll pass without issue and go home smiling.

All this is assuming your car is 1996 or older, with the new law the newer car will have to plug into the OBD2 port, and at that point all sins will be revealed.
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