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Originally Posted by cormier View Post
for those of us not familiar with ITBs, where are the throttle sync tabs in the picture? whats their function? Im assuming they need to be extended because of the extra spacing?
See how in this picture below there's an upper and lower spring....

With regards to syncing, each throttle has an extra vacuum port with a little rubber cap on it. When you want to sync the throttles you have to hook up a vacuum gauge to the throttle and adjust the screws on either side until you get even vacuum on all of the throttle bodies. You can see the adjustment screw has a dab of yellow paint from the factory because they mark it when it's properly adjusted. When you turn that screw it breaks the paint, that way a dealer will be able to tell if you were screwing around with it. The lower spring is required so that there is no backlash in the system. I need to extend the tabs so I can put the smaller springs back in.

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