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Originally Posted by everlast View Post
Another good thread by the Bear.

- cash for the car fund
- cash for the basement fund
- cash for the car fund

Whenever I ask for car stuff, I get, "What exactly do you want?" To which, I answer "42lb flow matched injectors. I found some on ebay that are great, and the seller will ship to Canada.. You just have to specify that.." to which I get interupted with, "Maybe you should buy that yourself and we'll get you something easier to find."

Problem is: I have everything. I already have too many toys, and even more tools.

Oddly, I went looking for 12 point sockets tonight and couldn't find them at Home Depot (open late). I'll try the princess auto tomorrow if I have time.
I totatly will have to buy all the above listed myself haha and I know it but I will keep wishing!!
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