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Originally Posted by oldskool3
looks pretty mint to me for the year.
Hope I don't sound rude. "Mint for the year" doesn't work for me. It usually is a lame excuse for a car in bad shape. Mint is for any age of the vehicule. THis one doesn'T look that bad, the sheet metal is a bit warped on the driver side and no shot describes the underpinning. I would be curious the check for rust under the car and in the fender wells.

Most people will prefer a 2002 and you really need to be an afficionado to go into 4 doors Neue Klasse. I like those cars even though they are heavier than a 2002. Nonetheless, I have been offered that car for $2k and still think it is too much. But might have second thoughts at a lower price. This one has Euro headlamps but prefer the twin US lamps from on TiLux cars.
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