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Originally Posted by E36is View Post

Without actually seeing the car/engine in person, how easy is it for doing basic maintenance on that engine? Oil and spark plug changes? timing belt? and cooling system?
Cooling; I still have my E36 rad, and expansion tank in place, so I would say its identical to the E36.

Oil: the oil filter screws in and is located on the drv side of the oil pan, so quite easy (and cheap) to replace. I think I could actually reach it without lifting the car up.

Spark plugs: 92% easy 8% annoying. the spark plug on the drivers side at the back of the head is a bit of a pain but not impossible. The rest are easy.

Timing chain; Im not sure but it should also be easy, once the accessories are off there is about a foot and a half of room between the rad and timing cover. So I would imagine its not much more than taking the cover off and disconnecting the oil pump. Then you have access to the chain. Compared to the M50 its definitely easier on the LSx engines.
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