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Originally Posted by zerosignal View Post
I think I just messed myself. That is sick! what was the price tag on that operation?
The project was partially sponsored by the shop and I had special pricing considerations, so to give the price I paid is not really fair. There are also a lot of configuration changes that can be made to reduce the cost. Obviously an LS6 engine costs more than an LS1. I also did not have to change the cam, I could have lived with the stocker.

If anyone really wants a budget V8 swap I would recommend a look at the Ford 5.0 engine. It can put down 400 crank with some small mods and you don't need custom headers or a new steering column. The engine is plentiful, more so than the LS (Which I have been reading is getting harder to find). The trans is more readily available and cheaper; the T56 6spd was almost impossible to source which meant it was twice as expensive as we had budgeted for. And the engine and trans mount can be had for $220 bucks. Check out they even sell a conversion manual to walk you through all the steps ($69).
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