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Originally Posted by Jon@Bimmersport View Post
Cool swap Dan! Finally someone has done the swap locally, cant wait to check it out at the meets this year!
Thanks Jon, I'd be happy to show you. Although I am not the first who has attempted this swap in the area.

A few things have been made clear to me about Project_E36 and his less than questionable intentions surrounding his intrusions into threads that have no bearing or foundation to him.

To speak directly to my situation and his comments; I can post pictures of Dinan headers all day long and say they are better, in reality I did not pay $8,000 for the headers alone. So I continue to stand by my assessment of the quality of work done on this swap by Auto Evolution.

This individual is trying to cause issues on the board for reasons that I presume are meant to gain business for his employer. I am not sure why the shop in question deems these actions appropriate ways to gain business as it is now more unlikely for me to go to that shop. It gives me an indication as to how they deal with customers, and the general attitude of the shop.

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