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Originally Posted by E30M42cab View Post
That's pretty bad-ass Dan! Glad to see (and hear) it finally completed. Wish I could have made it up to John's last night to check it out. I swear to god thought that I'm going to fix that tail-light the next time I see you. Can't wait to hear it in person!
Haha, it was never the taillight it was the same side brake light. I fixed the brake light and Immediately after the tail light started giving me issues. I don't want to fix it, I'm worried something else may break.

Originally Posted by dble Trouble View Post
Funny you said this, one of my neighbors was furious, and drove by and had a shit fit on us for tear through my town with the car. Guy was acting a bit like a douche and over exaggerating but whatever, it was awesome to hear him hit the throttle at full tilt over a km away and hear it like it was in front of my house. And, shift gears at over 2km away...........purely awesome!!

Me wants!
That guy lets his children play in the street at 9pm. He has a right to be mad at life. lol

Sound carries at night so I can see why he was upset, the car is kinda loud in higher RPM's. Honestly for the 15 mins we were out I did not think it would have been a big deal. No one else seemed to mind.
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