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Just some updates.

I went to Active Green + Ross shop the other day because I was looking for a road force balance, and I met the senior mechanic there. I asked him, “How good are the Yokohama Avid TRZ tires?” And he said, “They are not.” So I asked him, “What do you mean?” And he said, “You’d have to force me to put them on your car.” Then he asked, “What car do you have?” I told him and he said, “And you put those tires on a BMW?!!!”

Then he looked up the tires in the system and looked up my car in the system, and found out the Yokohama Avid TRZ tires are a lower speed rated tires than what is recommended for my car. So it looks like the mechanic I talked about in this thread is so novice he doesn’t even know what tires are good for what BMW—so much for a BMW certified mechanic!

Then the AG+R mechanic hoisted my car up and after some inspection told me that my car should have a trembling in the steering wheel at high speed because the tie rod (I could be getting the exact name of the part wrong) of the driver side is very worn out; he is correct because the steering wheel does tremble at 120km/h and above.

I asked if alignment is needed after changing thrust arms and he said, “No, because the thrust arms are static objects” (Rocco said the same thing.) And he told me that my car should pull to the left (even if alignment is done) because of the worn out tie rod; and my car does pull to the left!

Then as we were talking I told him about how my car used to shut down when braking, and before I finished he said, “You had a vacuum leak, and it shut down when braking because the brake booster sucked the air away from the engine.” He is right! (Rocco had found that vacuum leak and fixed, while the mechanic I talked about in this thread had no idea what’s going on for a whole week!)

When I told the AG+R mechanic about the pulsating in the wheels when braking, he said the rotors are warped (Rocco told me the same thing) and it is because the front struts are old and when the car brakes it pretty much dives into the rotors causing them to warp. (Rocco also told me that the front struts are worn out.) He also told me that there was no point of putting new rotors on worn out struts because they were going to get warped like my rotors did (my rotors are only 2 months old). I didn’t know that and of course the mechanic I talked about in this thread didn’t know that either! (I wonder how much he really knows about cars?!)

After telling the AG+R mechanic about the shake problem at 120km/h, he said, “You know, you could sue that mechanic for putting the wrong tires on your car!” (Rocco also said that my tires are not the best and he suspected them to be the reason behind the shimmy at 120km/h.) You know, I lost so much money because of his wrong diagnosis, wrong recommendation, and lack of knowledge, and I wasted so much time at his shop and time worrying. I worked hard for my money; for the last year I’ve had 2 jobs to buy my car and maintain it, and I gave most of it up to a mechanic that offered me very little in return.

So it looks like that mechanic not only cost me $500 for a drive shaft I didn’t need, and $200 in burning Octane booster and fuel that I did not need, but also cost me over $1,200 in installing the wrong tires, and new rotors on worn out struts! (He never once mentioned anything about the struts!) I trusted him, but he betrayed that trust by not having the knowledge required to be a competent mechanic. Save your money and avoid mechanics like him. Don’t just go to any mechanic recommended on this forum—after all, this mechanic was recommended on this forum! Test mechanics yourself and I dare say: never go ahead with an expensive repair before seeking a second opinion; a mechanic confident of his skills and reputation wouldn’t feel threatened just because you sought a second opinion.

So far, I can only recommend one mechanic: Rocco of RMP Motors.

I can also say that Andrew, the senior mechanic at AG+R of Weston Rd/HWY 7, seems to know what he is talking about, but I haven’t had anything fixed by him so I can only recommend him based on his knowledge of things. (He has an E34 so he knows a lot about BMWs.)

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