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Originally Posted by BMWfan View Post
I hate to be the reason a business suffers financially, after all their business is the source of their income.
Originally Posted by BMWfan View Post
The more units in the sample there are, the more accurate the results will be.
Originally Posted by BMWfan View Post
It does not matter to me if you take your car there or not.
How am I supposed to give this shop my business if I don't know where it is? You won't tell me where it is, so now you're causing the shop to loose a potential customer, a potential source of income. How is the community supposed to get an accurate idea about the capability and quality of the work that this shop can do unless we can get some more data points. If it really doesn't matter to you then PM me the info or at least PM me the names of the fellow members who recommended the shop to you so that I can talk to them. I'm asking you to contact me privately, I'm not asking you to post anything publicly, I don't think it's fair for you to make assumptions about what my motives are.

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