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haha I don't think I'll let it go for a long time if ever. As for the cluster, the main differences between the evo and normal one is just the redline 7000 vs. 7400 (someone can correct me if there are more differences). The evo one is rare compared to the normal one so finding one is a bit tough and the price is jacked up. I had an oil temp vdo gauge that I was going to use for the S52 but the built in one is so much cleaner.

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whats the difference between the evo and non evo cluster?, i was looking into swapping out my cluster ( us car ) for a euro one, and I'm putting in gauges soon so making use of the built in oil temp gauge would be nice so i can free up another pod, ps although I've only seen pictures of your car but god dam,it is nasty! the paint, the cloth interior, and now the s54 omg i know this is premature but if and when you want to sell this car let me know... lol

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