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Originally Posted by TNation View Post
the QP is an overrated car. Looks like shit and lets be honest, you're paying for the name/status and the engine. Unreliable too. Only good on warranty, even then, a headache.

OP, the C4S is a good car, but its unreliable. The 996 had plenty of engine issues, like I mean plenty of issues, especially the 99-02 years from RMS to IMS. Even 02-04 wasn't perfect, they fixed some things... but still, I'd get a 996 GT3 if you can afford it or a Turbo 996, because believe it or not, they are more reliable than a 996 Carrera 911. Get the GT1 derived motor ala GT3/TT. There is a reason there is a price disparity between them and the "regular" Carrera's.
great site, this page itself is awesome to browse and see the issues of the 996 Porsche's.

Thanks for the link! I am a member on there already... but in all honesty i'm really willing to deal with the troubles of a 02-04 996 c4s. I like the car to much!
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