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Best quote about women I ever read

God was definitely on a focused and logical project management streamlining initiative that day when he decided that he would create the perfect being, in his own image... give or take a rib or two. Symmetrical, with a brain that is capable of a higher learning curve than any of the animals, minerals and vegetables that came before it. It might be a vestigial organ at this point, but so much the better. Wake up, go to work, come home. What's there not to like? Once in a while this perfectly normal man wakes up and looks around and decides that none of the holes in the world seem to be a good fit for his peg. And so he talks to papa and says "Yo.. papa!" ... "I need a servant. I need a **** hole. I need a scapegoat for all of my inefficiencies. I need someone to schedule me in like a hooker, but host me like a wife. I need someone to incubate my seed. I need someone to feed my golem with their breast, mine are too perky and manly to be abused that way"... "Oh... and they have to be perfectly normal like me".

And God said... "Well... if I make them normal, they won't wish to do any of that any more than you would"...

And so... crazy is as crazy does.

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