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Originally posted by SickFinga

And yes, RMS got supercharger for E46 M3
so photos of it with my own eyes.

Yup. saw it with my own eyes in L.A. yesterday... their supercharged E46 M3 has 9.5:1 pistons and a air/water aftercooler in a custom made intake plenum. Motor puts out 560HP @11psi.

Originally posted by SUPERCHARGED
this is what i mean,
americans overrate their cars with hp, and germans underrate.
thats all
You have it completely opposite. Chevy under rates their power numbers (known fact) and BMW picks the strongest motor to rate their cars. I have seen dyno sheets here in T.O to prove it... E46 M3 putting down 265rwHP and a stock Z06 with 376rwHP.
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