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Originally Posted by 1bmw1 View Post
Thx Sirex

I don't want to build one. I just want an already built, ready to go one.

All i need is a simple one for exactly what you just mentioned. Simple browsing, documents, some photoshop, etc..

What's the best processor to look for in that range? Sorry, been out of the loop for quite some time now.

Id say stay away from any older processor that they are trying to get rid of now adays. on the AMd side the Athlon IIs usually X2 or X4's. They are good but they are the lower end.

On the intel side stay away from the E series. They are also decent but on low end.

Everything else should be good thats newer than these. E.G. PHenom II, Bulldozer (amd side)


i3s, i5s on intel side.

theyve got some new naming, numbering going on that im not familiar with as ive been out of the loop for sometime as well. I say if you go with a processor from the last year in a half u should be fine with what you mention.
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