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Originally Posted by M1_DRM View Post
Hey 1bmw1.

My suggestion would be to buy a refurb computer. I have been buying only refurb for the last 5 years and that equals roughly 10 computers. STAY AWAY from HP refurbs. I hate HPs. What I have been lucky with is the Gateways Refurb as they get totally refurb'd and they add more to the system than the original specs to make it more attractive. Prices are good and there is a 1 year warranty included. out of the 10 I bought, I had an issue with only 1. I took it to their depot in Mississauga and they had problems repairing it as it was a big issue, so they sent me a BRAND NEW system from the current model line. Huge Bonus for the small inconvenience.
I grab them at Canada Computer (worst customer service at times but good price.)
Great piece of info there. I will check them out, and have a look. Thanks!
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