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Originally Posted by BMWdouche View Post
Hey man.. I don't think they were trying to jack your sale.. They were just trying to help you out by letting you know that your asking price is too high and you wouldn't get any takers at the current price. We all want to get the highest return on resale but you have to index it to the market price for the product. In this case, the market price is around 8K with many owners letting them go for around 7... I fully agree that almost 14K is way way too high for that car. Buyers would rather spend an extra 3-5K and buy themselves a 2012 compass or wrangler if they were interested (both can be had under 18K).

PS - I hate jeeps
Exactly. Its kinda like tough love. We dont wanna fvck up you sale, Id rather see you price it according to the market and get a much quicker sale. At the current price you are literally dreaming. However, if you do get that much for it I suggest you get into auto sales, with that kind of profit youd be making $200k a year. Some quick market research tells anyone, including potential buyers, that youre asking wayyy to much. A 2 second search show many newer Libertys for th same dough...

Adjust the price and glws
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