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If a vehicle has not sold in 3 months, then something must be wrong.

I just sold a vehicle in 1 week using autotrader. I cleaned and waxed the vehicle - it looked great.

I researched the autotrader, and the wholesale prices for my vehicle.
I also double checked what a large scale wholesaler would pay for my car.
I had an etest already done (within 30 days, and pre safety inspection in hand).

I priced it accordingly, and it sold quickly. I think I got a fair price, but obviously thought it was worth more to me.

Some tips.
Find out what your wholesale value is and work updwards ($4000-$6000)
Post the Trim Level (Sport, Limited).
Post if it's 4x4 or not.
Indicate 4 or 6 cycl (3.7 which is 6 right).

Sell the truck with all seasons, and keep the snows for later.
You gain nothing by offering snow tires, and you usually end up giving the tires away with the deal.

Wait until october, and post the snow tires for sale on kijii.

The 4x4's usually increase in price around the first snow fall.
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