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Take it from someone who has a LOT of experience with tickets and insurance companies...

1. Go to the appointment. See what the offer is. If it's no points and it's your ONLY ticket and you can afford the $ amount for the fine, DO IT. Do not get any more tickets after that (or for at least 3 years). This is strike ONE and with most if not all insurance companies, you have 2 left before you get stuck in facility.

2. If the deal is NG, then don't say much and just request a trial. ENTER A PLEA OF NOT GUILTY. Once the date is set, go in and explain that you live on your own, work and are going to school and that you have not accumulated enough funds to retain a proper defense. Explain that you will need another 6 months to save up the funds required to RETAIN a defense lawyer. Also mention that this is your FIRST ticket ever and you have never been through this before. 99.9% chance you will be granted the extension. At this time, go and hire an X-COPPER guy and explain you want to stall the situation. He will go in and request a further delay as they have "just been retained" and will require time for disclosure. This can buy you up to another 6 months. After the 1 year period has passed, you can apply to have the case dismissed. Since it is your FIRST ticket, they may let you off.

Other scenarios:

Cop doesn't show = dismissed case
You agree to a reduced charge and pay up after the appointment = no change in insurance or anything. Your rating will go down slightly but it does not mean an increase in insurance premiums.

Check your policy - it will state the QUANTITY of tickets you are allowed to have on your record before you will be automatically dumped into a facility policy. TD Insurance is 4 tickets or more and you get dumped into facilty (hence my earlier comment about 3 strikes).

Don't panic, it's only ONE ticket. If you get 2 more, you're screwed.

Drive safe!

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