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Originally Posted by EMPOWERD View Post
Going supercharger for a track car is a mistake IMO. I track a lot and have no problems passing S/C M3's on the straights with my N/A M3. Superchargers (and all the hardware associated with it) get way too hot. The heat soak from WOT really bogs down your power and taxes fluids & ultimately longevity of the motor. They design these kits to work fine for the street, but not nearly enough cooling for constant track-thrashing.
Platte forme ag is smashing lap records with their ess e46 m3. Tarzan yamada drives for the team.

Originally Posted by ex3mal View Post
I track a lot too, but I was feeling I need more power, with cooling u can use in hot days methanol/water cooling and big oil cooler. I already order kit, so ill see how it goes on the track. I seen few supercharged m3 and they was monsters on the track
+1 a good efficient intercooled setup with meth/water will keep that heak soak down.
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