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Originally Posted by xlash View Post
Thanks rendered. I'll probably never have as many cars as you do but I will say that what I want to do is start up my business for sure. Working for someone else is just not for me. I'll commence with the market research this Saturday.
I agree with you on working for someone else. Naturally it's just in some peoples blood to make a fortune through their own businesses. Any ideas yet on what you'd like to establish? Or still too early to know?

You have to start somewhere... We all did. I don't look at cars the same because of the business I got myself into. I could care less about what I drive these days, it all comes down to the profit made off of every shitbox I own. They're all depreciating shit boxes in the end... It's the $$$$$ we all seem to really enjoy the most. The $, The root of all evil.
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