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Possible E39 purchase, need your opininos

I might buy an E39 from a dealer, and I want your opinions:

Its a 2000 model 528i, 206,xxx kms on it.
Its dark blue, automatic.

So here:

The seller (private dealer- NOT BMW dealer) claims the previous owner somehow managed to have the garage door slammed on windshield/hood and thus deploying airbags.
The BMW dealer (Otto) has changed the whole dash (brand new) and new windshield.
I checked the car fax, it reports "collision" "damage" (not sure exactly, something along these) but no red flags about mileage fraud or car being written off.
IIRC, the previous owner did not pay the bill and the BMW dealer sold it.

This is what the guy told me, he is not sure what exactly happened or what was done.

Does a new dash change the value of the car or something?

Oh and the dealer forgot to put the VIN sticker on dash after installation, but he does have the sticker for it.

I jacked up the car today, there were no VIN numbers on all 4 doors and 2 fenders, just on trunk.
Compared to others I've seen it looks like a good deal but I wanna know what you guys think?

I need 1 ballpoint and 1 fuel gauge measure (the one in gas tank).

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