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Sub is being weird, too much power?

Okay I have 2 infiniti 10s... running off an 800 watt amp... probably 400-500 RMS... so like 200 rms each.

NOW, I have a feeling one of them doesn't work, don't have a chance to test it yet. It's a little bit hard to tell because obviously with one POUNDING the other does move a lot, so it seems like it's working but it's just not hitting as hard as the other one when I put my hand on it. Maybe its just hitting weaker for some reason, I dunno. Note: the left one is the one that works for sure, right one probably doesn't

ANYWAYS. This is how it goes. I hook it up. It pounds for a few songs, nice and hard. Then the subs stop working. NOW, to fix this... I do the following: Put a song with good bass, turn it way up. Subs aren't hitting at all. Now, if I put my hand on the left sub (the working one) and push it in a little bit, it starts pounding. But if I let go of my hand it goes back to not working. But if I just keep my hand there and push it in for a while, maybe 30 seconds, then sometimes it keeps working after I remove my hand, sometimes not... so yeah. Oh, and when it starts working... same thing... pounds for a couple songs then stops . SOmetime it will randomly come on for like 10 seconds if a different song comes on but that's rare.. When I push the right one nothing happens at all, also why I think it's blown.

So, audio guys, does this sound like too much power is going to the sub? I figure if the right one isn't working then the left one is doing 400+ RMS by itself which is probably not good...I tried turning down the gain the amp to maybe 60% instead of 100% but still the same thing happens.

Help Thanks!
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