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Let's clear up a few things here.

Not all cars are the same. To say that in every case a manual would win simply isn't true. If that was the case, then why aren't all pro-street dragsters manual? The truth is, almost all are auto.

Maybe in the BMW circles, the 5 speeds are faster. I'm not too familar with the trannys in your cars and how they work so excuse my ignorance.

In my case, I have a Thunderbird SC. It's an auto. The auto's run faster than the 5 speeds every time. Same goes for a friend with a Camaro Z28, the auto is superior on the track(better launches) but the 6 speed is lethal on the highway.

koncise, I've raced you before and I can tell by the way your car launches that the setup and how the car launches is very different from how a Ford or Chevy would. It goes to show that in the case of the BMW's, the manuals may be superior, but in many other cases, the auto's take the cake.
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