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BMW Soft Top Maintenence

Hi there,

I own a 2001 325ci convertible and I am getting ready to store it for the winter. I am suppose to treat the soft top with anything before storage?

I heard of people clean and reseal the soft top every year. The reseal is suppose to keep the top waterproof.

However to me this doesnt make sense. The outer layer of the soft top exposed to the elements is not waterproof. The layer underneath it is, so I dont understand how you can seal the top layer and keep it waterproof. The only thing that makes sense to me is that people just clean the top to keep it looking clean and protect it from fading due to UV rays.

Am I right?, do the soft top cleaners really do anything for waterproofing?

Also if necessary, what soft top cleaner to you recommend. THe only one i know of is RaggTopp. any suggestions and feedback would be greatly appreciated
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