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Hi, it's the CCV (oil separator). In the winter it doesn't get enough time to warm up so it gets clogged with mayo-like thick oil. It's because I work close to home and it's rush hour so it's a short drive and the engine doesn't rep up so the CCV never gets the chance to warm up.

Anyway, I got another job that takes me on the highway so the engine will rev up more and it sounds like it's all clear now (it's also summer so that helps). I will wait until winter to see if the problem comes back. If the oil separator is cracked then I have no choice but to replace it.

Originally Posted by UltimateFan View Post
Have you visited you local BMW Retailer to see if there is an outstanding recall based on the issues you have described?

If you wanted to check our there is a new tool that allows you to search for any active recalls by entering your VIN.

Might as well give it a try if you are still struggling to find a solution.
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