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Head and Tail Lense Tinting & Protection

Auto-Links now provides clear and coloured tinted film for your vehicle’s lights. Ideal for headlights, taillights, and foglights, this specialty vinyl is designed to protect vulnerable areas against stone chips, road debris, and weathering! If you're a
DRIVER, this will happen to your car, no matter what type of driving you do.

Especially on the front facing parts of the vehicle, the lights are constantly exposed to harsh elements that WILL damage your lights over time (cracking, chipping) and don't forget about UV damage from the sun that will cause fading (snowy effect you see on older vehicles). On side markers and tail lights, coloured tint will add a custom touch to your ride.

Weathered and chipped headlights will ruin the entire look of your vehile, no one is exempt from road debris!!

All it takes is one rock chip to damage your glass fog lamps!!

Save your money, and protect your lights while giving your vehicle a new look with our tinted protection film from Auto-Links.

We use only the best products for your ride, from 3M and Oracal.

Some benefits of light tinting:
• Make your lights impact resistant
• Translucent film retains original bulb colours and does not decrease light output
• Protect your lights from common fading/milky/dull look due to extreme Canadian weather exposure
• Change your vehicle’s look without aftermarket lights which are always inferior quality to OEM
• Available in smoked, red, blue, and yellow, or clear
• Can be removed without any damage to your lights unlike tint “sprays”
• Restore the look of old lights at a fraction of the cost by tinting them instead of purchasing new ones
• New model vehicle lights can run upwards of $500+ a pair
• Lifetime warranty on the clear film (3M), 1 year warranty on the tinted film (Oracal)

Here are some sample Subaru (5 door)



DARK SMOKE HEAD/TAILS (12 STI now come with chrome heads)

Lights from:
• Impreza 08+ 5 door tails $120

• Head and Taillights from 100
• Foglights from $60
• Side marker or reflectors from $40

Please contact us for a vehicle specific quote!!

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